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Jonas Bjerre Webshop Opens February 15, 2023 by Tero Heikkinen

Jonas Bjerre has just opened a webshop for his art prints which you may have already seen on his Instagram account. As of now, there are four different artworks available and each of them come signed by the artist and naturally they are also numbered. Depending on the edition, only 25-40 prints are available and the number will not exceed from there. The website will let you know when a certain print is sold out.

BIRDS by Jonas Bjerre

Shipping is available to almost anywhere in the world, except to countries that have a very complicated postal system. Artworks come in two different sizes. The bigger ones (Birds and Chooseday) and the smaller ones (What Else? #1 and What Else? #2) have all been printed on a very thick 310g paper.

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