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Mew’s official blog posts from 2002-2010


Hello. Excuse us for being away from journal world so long, we have been writing with our instruments instead, setting the new stuff in stone, caring it into great, the tallest oak trees, nordic myth making, ghost shaking. Its moving us to move u. We generously will not play any of it for now, we…


Dear Frengers Today we are launching our very own web shop, it’s gonna have t-shirts, key chains, albums, hoodies, everything you could want of Mewen kind! The new repetitive angel pattern hoodies are of exclusive Evil Office manufacture, beautiful quality if we do say so ourselves! Take a peek: – Mew

daaaaee oooooh

hi all of you handsome and great music loving, almost wanna touch it folks, madsen here, updating you on whats going on in mew land and whats def not going on. i have not stared dating silas. no. on the other hand we do see quite a bit of each other so it could seem…